IT's You who make Your Dental Treatment Expensive - Dr Ria Bansal

19-Nov 2022



We have heard it all! Why are you charging so much money? It should not be this expensive. You should negotiate.

But often times people don’t realize that they are the real reason behind their heavy dental bills.

It is very common to take a pain medication over-the-counter for a toothache and not go to the dentist for a checkup. People neglect their oral health until it becomes a major concern.                  






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A simple cavity can be treated with an inexpensive filling but to let it progress means inviting trouble yourself and letting it turn into a more expensive procedure, an RCT.

Why we emphasize on regular visits to the dentist is because we can diagnose a problem at its initial stage and treat it then and there and not let it be heavy on your pockets later on. So remember next time you visit your dentist that dentistry is not expensive, negligence is!

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